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The Mighty Dollar

EP • Released Feb 25, 2013


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"I love living in the Northern Rivers. Because I love the place and the people, I'm compelled to join with many others in declaring the wealth of our country isn't just buried in the ground. Can you hear us? Will you hear us?"- Luke
'The Mighty Dollar' ep is a reflection of his community's opposition to coal seam gas(CSG) development. The songs exhibit an urgency, commanding the listener's ear and aiming to persuade.
"I'm not usually a protest singer, but I'm compelled to be one because I love the place and the people where I live".
  1. 01The Word Is Out3:28
  2. 02The Mighty Dollar (Live)4:11
  3. 03The Gold (Live)4:11
  4. 04River (with The Winsome Gospel Choir)3:35
  5. 05The Mighty Dollar (with The Winsome Gospel Choir)3:56
5 songs, 19 minutes