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Ordinary Men

EP • Released Sep 19, 2013


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I'm lucky to be an independent artist, and to make music at such a moment in Australia's history. Although the song 'Ordinary Men' had been left on my shelf for a while, when I recorded it live at the piano in early August 2013 it had something different. I don't usually play piano, (and obviously not that well...) but when I do it brings out a different quality in the vocal. I've added some overdubs here, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Earlier this year I was asked by my friend David Lowe to contribute some music to a documentary he was making for the Lock the Gate Alliance. The film, 'Undermining Australia: coal vs communities', tells the story of communities across Australia being impacted by coal mining development. The three instrumental tracks are all included in the film. In attempting to enhance David's brilliant story telling, I set about making some musical references; to our colonial history, to the tension between mining and agriculture, corporatisation and culture, economics and environment. Some of the sonic devices I used were silver coins as shakers, wooden sticks, traveller's instruments, mandolin, harmonica, the classic country sound of pedal steel.
The bonus track, 'Our Country', is also featured in David's film, but this version is a rough working mix from May 2011. I rediscovered it by accident as I was uploading this ep. It sounded fresh to my ears. The 'official' version of the song is on my 2011 album 'Great Expectation'.
  1. 01Ordinary Men3:41
  2. 02Undermining Australia (main theme)2:49
  3. 03Moreton Bay1:58
  4. 04Mine Hum2:55
4 songs, 11 minutes