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Glory Light

Single • Released Apr 11, 2020


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'Glory Light' is a song I've had in my back pocket for maybe 2 years. I think now is the time to send it out into the world, for a couple of reasons....
Firstly, it describes an experience that is (temporarily) lost to us...the deep and profound pleasure of attending a live concert. The spontaneity and atmosphere of a show, the shared experience; sometimes shared with thousands, but particularly shared with the mate or the sweetheart you've gone along with. The anticipation of the leadup to the show. The way you carefully turn it over in your mind for days afterwards.
Secondly, it pays homage to two of my songwriting heroes. Bob Dylan just released a song ('Murder Most Foul') that has once again moved me to tears. If you haven't heard it, look it up. If it doesn't make sense when you hear it, read this
And our very own Paul Kelly.
Thirdly, it evokes the image of the ghost light. In this time of social distancing, most live theatre, art, music and drama has been postponed indefinitely. The ghost light illuminates the darkness to help navigate, but also to signal that the show will return, the show will go on.
I'd like to thank the guys who played on the song 'Glory Light':
-Isaac Vincent has played some great violin tracks recording on my tunes over the past 6 months or so
-David Vassella generously contributed his intuitive keyboard talents late one night after dinner and some good red, thanks brother.
-David Braid also generously contributed some earthy organic double bass via internet
-Scott Hills really brought it all together with his effortless touch on the drum kit.
The other two tracks on this ep have been digitally released (YouTube/AppleMusic/Spotify etc) for a few months now.
'Mission Beach' is a travelling song; I can't get across that Queensland border at the moment but I can still go there in the mind. I can still hear the waves fizz on the coral beach of Dunk Island and see the sky divers falling through the sky in my mind's eye. Join me if you will.
'Pandora's Box' was written after a visit to the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville where the story of the HMS Pandora captured my imagination.
Thanks to 'The Survivors' for lending their hearty voices to the chorus on this one: Marcus Peace, Markus James, Jeremy White, Davey Bob Ramsay & Timothy Baker.
  1. 01Glory Light5:32
  2. 02Mission Beach7:06
  3. 03Pandora's Box4:27
3 songs, 17 minutes