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Foreign Language

Album • Released May 1, 2005


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'Foreign Language' was released May 2005. Within the overall unity of the album there is a rich diversity of words and music, themes and moods. From mellow tracks like "Emotion Talking" and "No Explanation" to the rockin "Keepin On" and "Satellites" to the earthy narrative of "Grand Hotel" and the questioning of "Nature of a Man", this is an album full with feeling.
  1. 01Emotion Talking4:53
  2. 02Keepin On3:58
  3. 03Talk To Me2:54
  4. 04Satellites4:26
  5. 05The Grand Hotel4:35
  6. 06No Explanation4:12
  7. 07Nature Of A Man4:11
  8. 08Floodtown3:43
  9. 09Til The sun Shines4:01
  10. 10Sweetest Mystery4:25
  11. 11Maria5:40
  12. 12Missing You4:29
12 songs, 51 minutes