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All Those Paper Planes Part 1

Album • Released Jun 30, 2010


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This is a homemade album. Although it's my sixth since 1999, it's the first time I've completely done it myself. If I could've burnt the data on the discs by hand I would've. I hope it sounds good on your system.
Part One(the originals) was recorded here in my 'space cave' studio from June 2009 to May 2010. I've created these tracks to sound the way I imagine them, with the means I've had available. I've played all the instruments, guitars, mandolin, harps, hand percussion, stomp & tambourine. There are some special guests though:
Isaac Vincent played violins on trk 3,6&8, Leigh Ivin played pedal steel on trk2,3&10, and John Gift sang backing vocal on trk7.

-'Dreamin Tonight'-came after a songwriting drought I'd had. It's an affirmation of my hope(through gritted teeth)for today, tomorrow & eternity. Love be the light
-'New Light'-taking the view that time is never really wasted, let's start from here, now
-'Come Back'-a song about crying babies, sleep deprivation, harsh words and apology
-'You Are'-in other words,'you know I love you, can we move on now?'
-'Lismore Girl'-that's where I live, that's my girl
-'The Sun Shines For Her'-my mates wrote this song, I always said it was excellent, "...too good to leave on the shelf fella's", I said. Hope they believe me now
-'Beautiful Moments'-another mate John G introduced me to this song, inspired by the writings of Ray Parry. It's on 'the big tin shed' album, I thought it would fit right in here too.
-'Rosalea'-she's my first daughter, a gift from God & reason enough to sing Hallelujah!
-'Good Day, Byron Bay'-no verse about fish & chips but nevermind...
-'All Those Paper Planes'-this is a jam I had on 8th June 2004 with Leigh Ivin. It was recorded straight out of my desk onto a cassette tape, which then spent a year or more in the tape deck & on the floor of my car, through a very hot summer. I finally realised 'I better preserve this, it's pretty special'. So I've dusted it off, polished it up, added some extra bits, and here it is.....
I dedicate this album with appreciation to all the people who've had me play at their wonderful celebrations over the years, all the people who ever threw a coin or note into my guitar case, bought my albums, or helped me out in some way, and of course; to my friends and family. 
Thankyou all for your encouragement and generosity of spirit.
  1. 01Dreamin Tonight3:32
  2. 02New Light3:13
  3. 03Come Back4:06
  4. 04You Are3:45
  5. 05Lismore Girl2:56
  6. 06Beautiful Moments3:49
  7. 07Rosalea3:55
  8. 08Good Day, Byron Bay3:43
  9. 09All Those Paper Planes5:41
9 songs, 34 minutes