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7 Songs

Album • Released Jun 16, 2020


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‘7 Songs’ is the second album Luke has released in 2020.
It's a personal collection of affirmations, prayers and interpretations of biblical psalms.
These are maintenance songs.
Songs of maintaining faith amid rapid societal changes, a deteriorating social fabric, a global pandemic, escalating climate disruption and the associated grief. This album includes interpretations and arrangements of ancient songs that acknowledge a hope that's been shared through the centuries. During its creation it had a seemingly ominous working title; ‘Australian Psalms For A Climate Apocalypse’, but a closer consideration of the meaning in the word apocalypse is instructive. It's a Greek word (ἀποκάλυψις) meaning “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.”
The 2 year recording process began in May 2018 in a pleasant, light filled art studio situated in the lush green hilled locality of Lindendale, Northern NSW. Later overdubs were added in the space cave, Luke’s home studio with the following guests; violins by Isaac Vincent, piano by David Vassella, nylon string guitar by Jeremy White.
Written, performed, recorded, mixed by Luke Vassella.
  1. 01Fearfully & Wonderfully4:18
  2. 02The Unfailing Love3:45
  3. 03Hoping4:26
  4. 04A Sign3:32
  5. 05Wondrous Carbon Dust3:54
  6. 06Be Still My Soul4:47
  7. 07Mercy Rain3:14
7 songs, 27 minutes